Sunday, 10 September 2017

Marks and Spencer Damson Discontinued Tableware

Brighten Your Day with Damson Tableware.

What a cheerful range from Marks and Spencer. This range was called "Damson" and is certain to bring a smile to the user, even at breakfast time. View our latest selection at

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Johnson Bros, Devonshire Tableware.

This is not a pattern you will see very often. It was discontinued by Johnson Bros many years ago, but still has a certain charm. Our current stock is available to view at…

Friday, 23 June 2017

Johnson Brothers Fresh Fruit

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Many people seem to be surprised by the quality and good design of many of the Johnson Brothers ranges of tableware. In reality some of the top designers have been involved in the design of many of the patterns. In terms of the discontinued tableware that we offer Fresh Fruit is one of the relatively recent ranges. Just look at the bright colours. You can almost taste the fruits. A lovely set to start your day with or to relax with later in the day.
See the range that we currently have in stock at

Enjoy your tableware,
Mr Tableware

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hornsea Pottery Contrast Tableware

We are always pleased to obtain fresh supplies of Hornsea Pottery Contrast. It is a popular range and one of our favorites. It is hard wearing, looks cool and has won several design awards. What is not to like. Usually, the most difficult items to obtain in Contrast are the dinner plates. I suppose they tend to take harder wear than many of the other items, so we are delighted to be able to offer some Hornsea Contrast dinner plates in very good condition. 
 and pick up the Contrast items that you need while we still have them. 
Alternatively, if you would like to see what items we have in the multitude of other patterns that we stock, just visit us at and take it from there.

Enjoy your tableware, 

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Villeroy and Boch, Alt Amsterdam

Alt Amsterdam. What a stunning pattern this is. It is not a range that we have stocked in the past, but having found it once, you can be sure that we will be looking for it again. In fact there is a good chance that we shall clear out our current tableware and replace it with this.
If you would like any of this pattern, you had better order it before my wife buys the lot.
Just follow this link to see the other items of Alt Amsterdam that we have in stock.
Enjoy your tableware.
Chris Eley

Sunday, 25 September 2016




It is always good to add a range to the website that we have not offered before. This applies to the Royal Worcester Beaufort (Rust) range. We have just obtained some superb items of this very elegant pattern.   
I have a feeling that this will sell quite quickly so do not miss the opportunity to purchase some items of Beaufort while we still have it available.    
The full range of items in stock can be viewed at     
Enjoy your tableware

Monday, 30 May 2016


I have noticed recently that we have not been stocking very much Colclough tableware. This is a major omission on our part as Colclough produced many lovely patterns that some of our clients will still be requiring. As a result, I have managed to obtain a small amount of tea ware in the Colclough Hedgerow pattern and this is now available on our website at

Enjoy your tableware,

Friday, 25 March 2016


At Replace Your China we receive many offers every day from clients who wish to sell us tableware. We are offered far more items than we could possibly deal with, so we have to turn down many of the offers out of hand. However, the following tips may help customers to understand how best to present their offer to sell.

1 When we agree to purchase items, we almost always arrange to collect those items direct from the seller. For this reason, it is vital that the seller tells us at the outset, where the items will need to be collected from. We don't need an address, just sufficient information for us to calculate the cost of the collection - usually a partial post code or name of a town or village will suffice. Without that information, we will have to reject the offer. 

2 We only purchase items that are in perfect "as new" condition. Items that are cracked, chipped, scratched, faded or otherwise defective will always be rejected. For that reason, it is important that we are informed as to whether the condition of the items reach that criteria. "Good Condition" just does not do it for us. Without confirmation that the items are in perfect condition, we will have to reject the offer. 

3 When offering items for sale, do not tell the prospective buyer that you expect a certain percentage of their sale price. Unless you are in the same business, you have no idea of the seller's business model. The purchase price of stock is often a very small part of the costs of such a business. The business owner(s) have to factor in such costs as staff wages, cost of collection, cost of warehousing, internet costs, security costs, etc etc. If you start off my telling your prospective buyer how much you expect them to pay, you might well just put their backs up and the items will be rejected. 

4 When listing the items that you have for sale, try to include sizes those items, so that there can be no confusion about what is on offer. 

5 If you ask for quotes from more than one dealer, make sure that you know whether the price quoted includes collection of the goods, or whether you have to arrange delivery. This can make a big difference to you in terms of time, convenience and cost. 

I hope that these quick notes are of assistance and as I think of further points, I will add them, but these were the things that sprang to my mind after a frustrating morning trying to sort out dozens of offers that we have received. 

Chris Eley

Thursday, 24 March 2016


We are delighted to have added to our website,  some fresh items of the Blue Pacific range from Wedgwood. Most of these items are from their Oven to Table range, which is always quite hard to find in good condition. It is now many years since Wedgwood discontinued the production of this range.
Make sure that you purchase your requirements while we still have them in stock. They can be viewed on our website at Replace Your China

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Royal Albert Old Country Roses

Probably one of the most popular ranges of tableware ever produced, Old Country Roses was designed for Royal Albert by Harold Holdcroft.  It was introduced to the tableware market in 1962.

The Old Country Roses design is based upon a bunch of roses in full bloom. The colouring is rich and vibrant and is set off to perfection by tasteful gilding in 22 carat gold trimming on white bone china.
Over the years an incredible variety of items have been produced by Royal Albert in Old Country roses. As well as every item that you can envisage in tableware presentation, there is also a wide variety of decorative items to compliment the settings, including decorative ceramic swans, clocks, shoes, bells, miniature tea pots and hundreds of other items.

In recent years much of the production of the Old Country Roses has been done abroad. Many of our clients have told us that they are only interested in purchasing items made in England, because of perceived alterations to the pattern and a reduction in quality. For this reason, we only sell items that were manufactured in England.

If you would like to purchase items of this elegant pattern, of if you just wish to view more photographs of sample items, please visit our website at

Do not forget to follow us if you would like to see more information about tableware in general and Old Country Roses in particular.

Chris Eley
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